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If you try to search any Marathi word in Google's Search Engine, you would face some difficulty. Because, the writing script of Marathi and Hindi language is the same, i.e., Devanagari. Marathi and Hindi search result gets mixed with each other, because both of these languages use the same Devanagari Script. But, besides that, you will see that the impact of Hindi language is more than Marathi on the English Google Search Engine. Marathi Search Results gets indexed far below within Google Search Pages. For Example, take one Devanagari word which we use in both languages, 'Geet' (गीत). Now, search the information about this word with Google Search engine. At this moment, if you want the search result in Marathi language and if you want to search Internet only in Marathi language, then what would you do? This question came to my mind a few days back, but now I also have the answer of this question within Google itself.

Searching exact Marathi content is very easy. We never have to do any difficult things for this purpose.

1. As you always do, go at 'English Google India'.
2. Choose Marathi language from the menu given below search box.
English Google
Marathi Google
Key-Pad, Language Tools
3. You will see the Marathi Google in front of you.
4. Now, take a look at the left corner of your search box. You will see there a small button like a key-pad. Click that button. A key-pad will get opened, using which you can type in Marathi Devanagari Script. You can also use any other tool to write Marathi Devanagari in Google's Search box. You may take a look of this Book to learn writing Marathi Devanagari Language online.
5. So now, I could suppose, you have learnt to write Marathi language in Devanagari Script online on your computer. Do some practice and then you would be able to write Marathi language online as simply as English.
In Google Search Engine, if you search something with Devanagari Script, then you would be able to get the search results in Devanagari Script. So, being able to write in Marathi Devanagari Script becomes important. For Example, 'मराठी भावगीत'. You must be able to write this in Marathi Devanagari Script.
6. How many languages are available in Google? There is a option named, 'भाषा साधने' (Language tools), on the right side of the key-pad. Click that option. Then you would see the languages in which Google is available.

I don't know how Google differentiates Marathi and Hindi search results inspite of having same Devanagari Script! But, they do it very well! There is a large amount of Marathi content treasure available over Internet. You can access all these treasures by getting an ability to write Marathi Devanagari Script in Marathi Google Search Engine.

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