How to Send Gmail Chat Request? Gtalk Friend, Buddy Request?

Gmail has it's own place in free email services. In India Gamil users are twice than that of US. Gmail is popular email service in India. I am taking my online Internet classes using Gmail chat, that is Gtalk. When someone approaches to me for online class, I add him to my friend or buddy list, and then we make our teaching and learning conversion using free call service offered by Gmail chat. We can make conversation with our Gtalk chat friend or buddy by three different ways. These three ways are, 1. Instant Messages 2. Audio Call 3. Video Call. Gmail offers all these services free of cost. In US and Canada calls to mobile phone are also free for limited period.

How to add Gtalk friend? How to Send Gamil Chat Request?

Gmail Chat Window
1. Open Sign in using username and password.
2. Chat window is on the left hand side, below folders.
3. You will see an empty box as shown in the image. Type email address of your friend whom you want to send a friend request.
4. remember, email address that you are entering in that empty box should be the email address of Gmail. If your friend yet don't have an Gmail email address, ask him to register at and get one Gmail email address.
5. Gmail address of your friend is now in that empty box. Press Enter. Your Gmail chat request has been sent to your friend.
6. A buddy request will be visible to him on his side, in his chat window.
7. As soon as he accepts your buddy request, you can make unlimited free conversation with him.

This is the simple way to send Gmail or Gtalk chat request, buddy request to your friend.

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