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Searching Similar or Alternative Sites over Internet
Sometimes, we want to know sites similar to the site we know. The reasons behind searching similar websites would be different.
Internet users want to look for a site, if it's offering same service by a better way. While Bloggers want to know similar sites to get more knowledge about Internet and to check what else new and magnificent they  can do with Internet, as they can share it with their readers. Thus, there are different reasons behind searching similar sites, form just enthusiasm to need.

Today, we are going to discuss the ways to search similar sites. Websites (similar site search engines) and a Google Chrome extension which is officially developed by Google.

Search Engines to Search Similar Sites
Search Engines, which will help you to find alternative sites to search alternate websites
Form it's early days, this is my favorite website to search similar sites. Then, it was disappeared under maintenance. Now, again I found it with improved performance. is the search engine to search similar sites like one you entered in the search box. As the tag line of this site says, it is the best place to find alternative websites. This site takes user's contribution to improve it's performance and it gives you information about specific site's popularity, language-location and rating. By using thumbnails, you can help and tell similarsitesearch, if a site came into search results is actually similar to that you are looking for. I recommend this website to find alternate, similar sites. to search similar sites
similarsites is also one well known search engine to search the similar sites. With this websites, you can search similar sites by even entering a topic of your choice. This site also use thumbnail method to improve it's performance. You may even rate or find reviews regarding websites. In the another column, you will get the results containing top sites in the field of your searched topic. to search a similar site like one you know
This site is not just about searching a similar website, but it also helps us to browse and go through the similar sites. On the browsing page, there are topics suggesting you, if you like to search similar sites regarding those topics. You will get results in a very simple way. You may even rate the search results and help sitelike to improve it's performance.

Google Chrome Extension by Google to Search Similar Sites
Official Extension of Google to find Alternative Sites

Google Similar Pages Extension
The name of this official Google Chrome extension is Google Similar Pages. This extension is yet under Beta test. Using this extension, you may browse and discover the webpages similar to the one you are currently browsing. As shown in the image, you get a quick preview of similar sites. Then, you can explore the pages of your choice from that preview. Thousands of people already installed this extension and you may also like to give it a try.

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