Scan and Send Files without Scanner

Scanner is an essential part of the working process. We often need to scan papers to get important things done. But what if your scanner machine stops working! Is there any simple way which can temporarily replace your scanner? Today I tell you what I do when my Scanner stops working! This method is very less time consuming and it worked perfectly for me.

You just need one Smart Phone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry) for this purpose. Now a days most people have smart phone, you only have to install Dropbox application in your smart phone. The web version of Dropbox application is available, but if you install Dropbox application on your laptop or computer, this will save your time. It is the one time installation process and as Dropbox is the most popular and excellent cloud storage service, you will need it time to time for different purposes. This is one must have application and service for your smart phone, laptop and computer. Today we are using Dropbox as a link in our process of scanning paper and sending it to the recipient.

Place the paper that you want to scan in good light condition. Then take the photo of that paper using your smart mobile phone. Make sure that your mobile phone is in parallel with the paper. At the time of capturing image, the distance of your phone with the paper should be minimum, but at the same time, image should cover the whole paper. After capturing one good quality photo of document paper, crop it to it's proper sides using the editing tools in your phone. Now save this scanned image. Open Dropbox application in your mobile phone. Upload the photo to your Dropbox application. The photo that you uploaded with Dropbox will automatically get synced with the Dropbox application on your laptop and computer. Open Internet web browser on your computer. Sing into your email account. Write a new mail with the recipient's email address. Attach photo file to this email from Dropbox folder on your computer. And finally it's time to send the scanned copy of paper.

Scan and Send Files without Scanner
There are also alternate ways to send scanned copy (photo) of your document. You can share Dropbox file with specific email address or as you are using smart phone, your phone probably will support the email attachment. You can directly attach photo to the email by using email client in your phone. In this case, you never need Dropbox. But, if the content of your mail is long and you want to write it carefully, then it's better to use your laptop or computer. This is the simple method that I have used when my scanner stopped working. I hope you found this method helpful too.
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